BERKSHIRE MACHINERY INC. - serving the beverage industry since 1982

We supply quality used machinery and equipment to the beverage industries....soft drinks, beer, bottled water, wine, spirits and the latest beverage trends.  Machinery includes all aspects of filling, closing, labeling, pasteurizing, coding, packaging to warehouse.   Equipment includes all aspects of pumping, storing, processing and mixing.

INDUSTRIES SERVED: We are also involved in the food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and consumer goods industries with related machinery and equipment.

WE ARE LOOKING: Currently, we are looking for good used machinery that is surplus to your operation, or for your entire plant.  We have the capability to disassemble and move production facilities and can make a bid on that basis, taking the stress and complication out of what can be a daunting undertaking.  Contact us today regarding the sale of your machinery and equipment.  We buy individual machines, tanks etc. as well as entire production lines or complete plants.

WE ARE SELLING - Contact us today with your machinery needs.  We can supply your needs from our inventory, our liquidations, our vast network of available equipment worldwide

APPRAISALS: Contact us regarding an appraisal of your machinery, a comprehensive appraisal can be tailored for any purpose.  We can provide you with the realistic market value of your existing machinery and equipment or plant. This market changes, not on a daily basis...but with a change in processes and packaging trends which can be moderate or rapid.  We are involved in these industries on a daily basis and have a vast network of contact throughout not just North America, but the rest of the world.